More than 500 FM experts from 43 countries attended EFMC 2014 Berlin.

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Welcome Reception 2014

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Facility Management Must Become More Proactive

European Facility Management Conference (EFMC)
4 to 6 June 2014, Berlin, Germany

  • Fight for more recognition and visibility of FM
  • Added value, service excellence, sustainability, and workplace design are key topics
  • Alignment of strategy, values, and services is crucial to success
  • FM is relationship management and complementary to business administration

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EFMC 2014: Gala Dinner speech of Katie King

Many thanks to Katie King and her fantastic speech about social media during th EFMC 2014 Gala Dinner at Classic Remise Berlin!

First impressions of EFMC 2014


Facility Management in Germany – Facts & Figures

  • How much does a facility manager earns in Germany?
  • What is the percentage of the gross value added of the facility management branch in Germany?
  • How many people are employed in the FM sector?

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